Why Good People Make Bad Decisions (How to Survive the Consequences)

It’s a relentless cycle that, if uninterrupted, locks you into a life of things you swore you would never do, ways you insisted you would never live, and relationships designed to keep you stuck on the wrong side of destiny. It’s not that you are bad-to-the-bone. It’s just a case of being what I call stuck-on-stupid with a bad case of the cain’t-help-its.

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Racism is the knee on the neck of social justice. People of color are being subjected to what I call “horizontal lynching,” in broad daylight and full public view. The only difference between the “strange fruit” of traditional lynching and lynching in the new millennium is that now the victims are laying in the street (or in their own beds) instead of swing from the trees.


What’s with that Apple?

The apple could be anything that keeps recurring in your life the reasons for which you’re clueless. It can be people, places, circumstances, or events — anything that sets off your defensive triggers and blinds you to truth, thus diverting focus from the core matter.

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Reality Check: Employee Engagement

Employee engagement and employee experience are not rocket science and they are not made effective by tactics or manipulation. As hard as they try, leadership doesn’t get to determine what is or isn’t engaging to the team.

hen that misconception is mixed with a lack of quantitative analysis, it’s wasted resources-pure and simple. When quantitative evidence is not contextually analyzed using qualitative inputs, it completely misses the boat. O. C. Tanner recently released the results of new research on this subject.

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Too True to Tell: Confession of a Non-Transvestite

The day I got into an argument with a bill collector about whether I was a man or a woman was the day I decided no longer to correct the error with callers. From that day until recently I just answered to the random “Sir” without offence or explanation. But something happened a couple of years ago that shook that foundation. I shook it off, regained my bearings, and went on with business as usual. That is, until today . . .

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