APPLETUDE: Why the Law of Attraction Isn’t Working (and What to Do About It)

Appletude - SytlizedA Word About the Article:

The news is replete with upheaval on all societal fronts. If we are not deliberate in our analysis, we might miss nuances that go below the surface with respect to organizational culture. Because culture is comprised of all the perspectives of the entire team, what brews below the surface can insidiously interfere with cultural transformation and strategic outcomes.

This dynamic must be addressed at the individual team member level. It cannot be directed or legislated. It has to be recognized at the human level and it is the responsibility of each individual to change.

Because this phenomenon involves things that we cannot see, we have to recognize we are the problem before we know we have a problem.


The apple is made up of the peel, flesh, core, seeds, stem, and leaves. But the seeds deceive. As delicious as it was, you could plant that apple’s seed, thoroughly expecting the same juicy, tasty apple. But what you’ll get is some mutation of that apple, completely unrecognizable and sometimes tasteless.1 No aspect of it will be the same. That’s because an apple grows from a pollinated blossom. Who knows how many other types of blossom dust got caught up in the mix?

apple-seeds PNG

The little bumblebee happily flits from tree to tree while contaminating the whole gene pool! These hybrid seeds are very difficult to germinate. They take a lot of extra time and care to grow. So, germinating bogus seed is a waste of precious time spent cultivating somebody else’s less than-stellar harvest.

Bogus Fruit

The fruit you get might not even tolerate your climate. After years of germinating and cultivating, the fruit rots on the branch or the tree dies before the fruit ever matures. If it pays off at all, you might get an apple, but it’s what’s at the core that counts. The seeds will never produce another apple exactly like it, because it can only reproduce the conglomerate of DNA that pollinated it.

Great! Now you have taken on somebody else’s seed, and it is a bad fit. You are out of balance as you try to make it yours. Again, precious time and energy is diverted from purpose and mission.

What Went Wrong?

apple-inc-clipart-transparent-4The apple blossom will produce more of the same delicious fruit as long as its branch is grafted into the right tree. In that case, it does not matter how many different types of pollen get into the mix; the tree consistently produces the same type of apple.

We have to hold our thoughts and self-perceptions to a higher and immutable standard if we are to recognize and root out the seeds of the limiting mindsets. We have to be grafted (grounded) that higher standard of Truth. Why? Because if our “truth” does not align with reality (what is truth) we make decisions, we interact with one another, and we present ourselves to the world based on distorted perceptions. Just as apple tree branches have to be grafted into the root of a tree to produce more apples of its kind, we have to be rooted into something higher, truer, eternal, and unchanging.

If the seed that has taken root does not line up with reality, it has to go — no questions asked, no mulling it over, no wallowing in it. It’s a seed that belongs in the distant past. Its seed thrown from somebody else’s less than stellar harvest.

But because we have been operating in Fake-Einstein mode so long, we have to train ourselves to see the core of a matter and recognize the motives seeding our own reactions before we can even begin to discern what is behind the perspectives, perceptions, and behaviors of others.

What’s that on the Conference Table?

Our entire lives form the backdrop of how we experience the here-and-now. It powers our perceptions based on how well we coped, or failed to cope, with negative or painful experiences in our pasts. All of it drives our conclusions about (perspective of) any given life event. We don’t see things as they are. We see things as we are.

Say there is a rock on a conference table. Everybody who enters the room is drawn into a discussion about the rock. Nobody seems to have the same perspective on it. Some say it’s beautiful because of some childhood memory. Another person thinks it should be cracked open to see if it contains precious stone. Another person backs away because it looks unsanitary.

All these are different perspectives on an inanimate object — the rock. You could move the rock, look at it differently, but it’s still a rock, no matter how you see it. That’s how it is when we interpret an event. Realistically, the event is what it is. How people react to it is based on their own perspectives. Perspectives that do not align with reality (truth) can trigger inappropriate emotional responses and drive maladaptive behaviors.

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