Emotional Intelligence: How to Multiply Return on Your Training Investment

Research detailed in the Human Resource Management Review determined that experiential emotional intelligence training is more effective than traditional lecture-based training. The study advised that coaching, relevant practice, and feedback are the ways to effectively influence emotional intelligence in your teams. Lectures are not enough.

Because Emotional Intelligence

Training is Not Enough

If your emotional intelligence programs are primarily lecture-based, you are unlikely to achieve an acceptable return on that investment. The mindsets that reduce an individual’s emotional competency occurred over a lifetime. They are not going to disappear as a result of a seminar, lecture, or workshop. The work it takes to enjoy an acceptable return on investment occurs in the days, weeks, and months after that training.

It Takes Practice

Where the team gains emotional intelligence that gets results is in situational, real-time, practice of its principals. They need a skilled accountability partner, a coach, and/or an experienced mentor. It takes practice in the lives of individual team members and it takes applying these principals in all areas of their lives until these competencies become their emotional default settings.

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A Holistic Strategy

Some years ago, an organization at which I worked, began using a newly branded version of a program designed to measure leadership effectiveness from the team’s perspectives. We were all required to anonymously participate in multiple surveys. The initiative was expensive and it became evident that they had not invested in the full product suite, which included ongoing management support, accountability, and progress tracking.

Every penny of that investment was wasted because from the employees’ standpoints, absolutely nothing changed – neither culturally nor in the leadership’s management styles. This same phenomenon prevails with emotional intelligence initiatives. Big money spent. No institutionalization. No real results.

The Whose Apple Dynamic® Guided Power Strategy™ (GPS) GPS 360™ Method

Whose Apple Dynamic’s® GPS 360™ Executive Coaching fills the gap between passive learning (lectures, seminars, and workshops) and the experiential support and accountability that lead to greater return on your training investment.


The Dynamic® GPS 360™ Method provides ongoing team support through real-time feedback, one-on-one accountability, and mentoring. Our holistic personalized coaching is tailored to your teams’ individual goals and motivations, thereby enhancing emotional intelligence learning. Your teams achieve effective, progressive, and sustainable results through our GPS 360™ coaching method.

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The Dynamic Difference

Coaching is about change and skillfully guiding the client through limiting mindsets that keep them stuck in life, career, and relationships. What makes the Dynamic Difference is that we don’t just push past roadblocks, we empower our clients to recognize, root out, and disarm these challenges-once and for all. Instead of a repeatedly struggling with recurring emotional and mindset challenges, your employees spend that time as productive, engaged team members. In other words, we influence the individual change that results in personal well-being and organizational productivity.

It’s never too late to engage. Contact Coach Linda for a free consultation and start leveraging return on your emotional intelligence investment. Call 888-486-4133 or visit https://www.whoseapple.org/appointments for a free consultation.

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Linda F. Williams is a Certified Executive coach who shows exhausted C-Suite executives how to Increase the bottom line with less stress, less conflict and plenty of time for personal and family life. She is a trained psychotherapist, nationally recognized behaviorist and Management Consultant. She is the founder of Whose Apple Dynamic Coaching & Consulting, and the Award-Winning author of the Best-Seller, Whose Apple is it, Anyway!

VISIT US: https://www.whoseapple.org

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