Reality Check: Employee Engagement

Employee engagement and employee experience are not rocket science and they are not made effective by tactics or manipulation. As hard as they try, leadership doesn’t get to determine what is or isn’t engaging to the team.

When that misconception is mixed with a lack of quantitative analysis, it’s wasted resources-pure and simple. When quantitative evidence is not contextually analyzed using qualitative inputs, it completely misses the boat. O. C. Tanner recently released the results of new research on this subject.


A majority of the workforce is not engaged

Now, before you take a good look at the info-graphic (below), ask yourself how much money the organization has invested in engagement and cultural transformation in the past five years.

The most telling statistic is that 37% of engaged employees are actively seeking other opportunities! But OC Tanner had developed effective steps to combat cultural challenges in their eBook, 5 Revolutionary Ways to Change Your Workplace Culture.

Below are the result of OC Tanner’s GLOBAL CULTURE REPORT. Remarkably that report indicated that daily employee experiences and organizational culture are interrelated and that, “both are more critical than leaders imagine. “

  • Experiences: Only 42% of employees feel good about their daily experiences at work.
  • Burnout: 79% of employees suffer burnout. According to the research, OC Tanner recommends this as a focus of priority for organizations.
  • Leadership: OC Tanner recommended that leadership in the new millennium must move forward from traditional leadership styles to become mentors, connect with employees, and offer recognition to inspire 86% more great work.
  • One-to-Ones: OC Tanner reported that one-to-one conversations improve trust by 276%.
  • Teams: The research reported that teams can result in 2-3 times higher employee engagement.
  • Listening: According to the research, 49% of employees reported that their companies do not listen to them.

Read about the difference between engagement and experience and how an intrinsic influence-based engagement strategy empowers your cultural transformation strategies.


  • Learn five simple questions that jump start employee engagement and can result in a 29% increase in revenue.
  • Learn about two changes that can result in 33% Higher Revenue (Per Employee)
  • Learn who is your most important ally when the strategic plan takes a disruptive blow.

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