Getting Played

Playing yourself means you self-destruct, self-disrupt, or self-defeat. We always talk about “getting played” when someone takes advantage of us or does us wrongly. In 2020, getting played is NOT the main danger. Playing OURSELVES is the destiny-disruptive risk.

This year seems to be the year in which we will all be extremely tempted to give up and/or get offended. Either of these actions, taken lightly can result in defeat. They are vision and destiny disruptors about which we should all be made aware.

Giving Up

In 2020 the temptation will be to give up! DON’T give up! You are most likely right at the threshold of your breakthrough. PUSH THROUGH that temptation. You will be glad you did.

Taking Offense

Twice in two days I got offended at something I read or a video I watched. In both situations I wanted to just block or disconnect from the “offender.” Something told me not to go with that and I resisted the urge to eliminate the offense by wiping it completely out of sight.

Because so much offense is unusual for me, I took a step back to re-evaluate. In the first instance I took on the offense of someone else. The so called perpetrators had done absolutely nothing to me. On further review, they had done nothing wrong to the other person either. So after challenging that person’s perspective I decided I was wrong, too.

In the second instance a video in a Facebook group was offensive. I spoke up, respectfully, with respect to some over-generalizations I perceived. The page owner apologized indicating she did not intended to communicate what I heard. Then she said it all over again in a response to a post and in a follow-up video. I was too through!

Am I Out or In?

Just before hitting that “Leave the Group” button I remembered a couple of meaningful interactions I’d had with a couple of group members. I thought about whether or not I’d be cutting myself off from an avenue of personal and professional growth. I wondered if maybe I was over-reacting. I stepped back. I took a deep breath. I re-calibrated.

In 2020, opportunities for getting offended will be served up like passing a platter at the Thanksgiving table.

But Beware!

Just because someone passes that dish, YOU don’t have to TAKE what’s being offered. Getting offended will cause you to disconnect from resources necessary to scaling your business, block professional relationships, or keep you from forging personal relationships.

DON’T go with the urge, nor give in to knee-jerk inclinations, to cut people off because you’re offended. THINK TWICE before doing that and decide whether your OWN perceptions might be off.

emotional intelligence triple threat

The triple threat that roots out disruptive mindsets is the Whose Apple is it, Anyway! book, companion journal, and audio book.

Whose Apple is it, Anyway! the Journal

Feedback from readers made it evident that some manner of taking notes and debriefing was necessary as they read the book. Without fail, they said the book brought up deep seated issues they needed to address.

Whose Apple is it, Anyway! The Journal was created to facilitate that healing process and capture in-the-moment enlightenment and revelations as you read the book.

The journal also contains all the strategic tools from in the book:

  • The APPLE Inventory
  • the FRUITS Philosophy
  • The Triggers List; and
  • The List of Truthful, Trusted Others.

The Journal is available in full color hardback at BLURB.COM where there is an interactive preview of the entire journal. You can also purchase the PDF version here.

Whose Apple is it, Anyway!

What also became increasingly evident is that many prefer audio listening to reading the book. The audio book has been in production since the end of October. Watch our Facebook page for updates on the release date.

get 2020 off to an empowered start!

The reason New Year resolutions fail is because:

  • Goals: Poorly targeted and off-focus goals.
  • Purpose: Goals are not rooted in individual purpose, goals and values.
  • Strategy: Failure to devise a proactive strategy for conquering inevitable challenges along the way.

The Whose Apple Dynamic Guided Power Strategy (GPS) 360 Alignment puts you in control by showing you a Secret Command Center that empowers breakthroughs in life, career, and relationships!

Set your GPS and get ready for the ride of your life! Show your dreams who’s boss. Get started NOW with a GPS Alignment session. Click Here Now!

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