What’s with that Apple?

The apple represents situations and circumstances we encounter. It can be any life challenge. It can be the coworker who tap dances on your last nerve or the person who knows how to push your buttons in the right order. It can be a habit you want to break. It could be a wrong you unjustly suffered, an insult, a barb here, or a misunderstanding there. It can be that recurring emotional outburst after which you feel defeated because you were determined not to let it happen again.

What it Represents

The apple could be anything that keeps recurring in your life the reasons for which you’re clueless. It can be people, places, circumstances, or events — anything that sets off your defensive triggers and blinds you to truth, thus diverting focus from the core matter. It’s not the situations, circumstances, people, or other things at issue, as much as it is what you do or don’t do in the face of them. It’s at the core that we find the cure. However, when we’re in Mosesitus (denial) mode, we’re usually blind to core issues.

What Eve Missed

The serpent’s underlying motivation was revenge. For him it wasn’t at all about Eve, although that’s what he led her to think. At the core (where the seed resides), he had a major axe to grind with God. His entire focus was retaliation for his own rebellious hinny getting booted out of heaven. Eve failed to recognize the seed of that apple. If she had, she would have figured out she did not have to ascribe to somebody else’s retaliatory rebellion. Playing right into his hands, she ingested that fruit, summarily internalizing the serpent’s rebellion. She gave up ground to the enemy, right along with her God-conferred dominion. She traded her harvest for his and wound up suffering a similar fate — kicked out of Eden. She should not have taken that apple, and neither should you!

Same Old Garden Game

It’s the same old Garden Game — the same old scene with different players, same director. Meanwhile, nobody has a clue about the backstory or should I say the back-corey (what’s at the core of a matter). There isn’t enough written about Eve’s personality to decipher the specifics of her issues. Because she was human, though, we can safely assume the serpent was playing on a weakness he identified in her character. Eve might have seen through to the core of the matter had she not been blinded by whatever character issue the serpent played on.

If Eve Was Prone–What About Us?

What issues could she have had? She had no childhood to be mucked up, and it was only God, Adam, and her in the garden. What kind of life experiences could have mutated her character? Probably nothing, but that’s an ongoing theological debate. Whatever it was is tied to her humanity, something with which we all grapple. In the overall scheme of things, it doesn’t matter now that the deal is done. But here’s the kicker: if Eve was prone to this human condition without being twisted up by life, how much more are we Fake-enstein prone (denial prone) folks subject to this blindness? We can’t see the core of the apples we’re accepting, let alone their phony seeds.

(Excerpt from Chapter 3, Page 93, of Whose Apple is it, Anyway! Empowering Purpose to Achieve Your God-Ordained Destiny.)

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