Reality Check: Employee Engagement

Employee engagement and employee experience are not rocket science and they are not made effective by tactics or manipulation. As hard as they try, leadership doesn’t get to determine what is or isn’t engaging to the team.

hen that misconception is mixed with a lack of quantitative analysis, it’s wasted resources-pure and simple. When quantitative evidence is not contextually analyzed using qualitative inputs, it completely misses the boat. O. C. Tanner recently released the results of new research on this subject.

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Several of my clients have wondered whether employee engagement is better than employee experience methods. Some expressed the view that “employee experience” is just another name for “employee engagement.” They wanted to know what is the difference and if there is a difference, which should be their focus. Employee experience is much more than traditional employee engagement. Employee experience cuts to the core of why employee engagement has been difficult to define and, often, inappropriately measured.


Achieve 33% Higher Revenue (Per Employee) by Changing Two Things

For how many years have you had an employee engagement strategy? How’s that working for you? Tactics without Strategy are DOA, but if a certain group of individuals does not align with that strategy, the company is treading water without a life jacket. Seventy percent of your company’s engagement relies on one group and a well-placed dose of what I call the Awesome Sauce.

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