Reality Check: Employee Engagement

Employee engagement and employee experience are not rocket science and they are not made effective by tactics or manipulation. As hard as they try, leadership doesn’t get to determine what is or isn’t engaging to the team.

hen that misconception is mixed with a lack of quantitative analysis, it’s wasted resources-pure and simple. When quantitative evidence is not contextually analyzed using qualitative inputs, it completely misses the boat. O. C. Tanner recently released the results of new research on this subject.

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Peabody Award Winner, Fred McFeely Rogers, has been lauded for cinching the $20 million funding for public television. What is less discussed is what it was about his testimony that won the day. Here is what can be learned from this crucial 6-minute speech that gave the committee leader “goosebumps for the first time in two days.”


Don’t Chase the Marketplace! Cause the Right Market to Chase You

Many successful and powerful people are suffering stress and chaos perpetuated by a past that they do not realize is affecting them. I am a prime example. While I saw life through trauma-stained glasses, I earned two degrees, had songs recorded by a famous singing group, wrote a thesis that resulted in a Prison Fellowship partnership for an ex-offender reintegration program in my area. Everybody was impressed. The whole time I was clueless-at-the-helm because my personal life was in shambles and I did not know why. Many lives are affected by a single life changed. I live to facilitate that change in others.

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